• CLEAR NATURAL Extra Maxi Tone Plus Body Lotion.


    Clear nature extra maxi-plus body lotion effectively fight

    against the disorder of skin pigmentation. Its formula enriched

    with powerful lightning ingredient acts in depth of an action

    targeted on spots and hyper pigmentation problem that dulls

    your skin complexion, correct uneven skin tone, to reveal clear

    beautiful looking skin. hydration formula allows you to lighten

    dark stop as you moisturize apply regularly. This powerful yet

    gentle lotion is the perfect way to gorgeously even toned touchable

    silky skin you will love. Simply apply to darkened area daily and you

    will discover a bright, clear and luminous complexion. It is a skin

    beautifying lotion which is fortified which eliminates dry and dull spots

    on the skin to bring about a youthful, bright and even skin tone.

    The major ‘active ingredient’ in this product is the Kojic Acid,

    Kojic Acid is a natural product derived from ‘Japanese mushrooms;

    it reinforces the product’s efficiency and is used to successfully lighten

    one’s hyper pigmentation and skin discoloration, as it inhibits the

    possible effect of melanin in the body. Melanin is produced in the body as

    a result of the conversion of the amino acid tyro-sine.  It also has excellent

    effect on toning uneven skin, fighting age spots, pregnancy marks, freckles

    as well as general skin pigmentation disorders of the face and body

    it is used in nourishing the skin and prevent anti-aging and skin blemishes.

    There is no specific duration to experience a significant change.

    this product work gradually (i.e. continuous use of the product  consecutively

    would bring about tangible results). This product should be store in an open,

    air-free enforcement which can be easily accessible.



    * Mineral oil

    * Water

    * Eugenol

    * Alcohol

    * Shea butter

    * Stearic acd

    * Natural skin lighter

    * Fades dark pigmetation

    * corrects uneven tone coloration.


    Production country: France.

    Production Line: bright future cosmetics

    Colour: Pink

    Skin Type: All skin types



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