• Gas Regulator


    Gas Regulator With Meter and Leak Detector.

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  • Gas Regulator with Meter

    Gas regulator with meter helps to ensure that your cylinder is properly

    filled at the re-fill station. The gas regulator helps to detect cylinder

    leakages and automatically stop the flow of the gas to a cooker to prevent

    wastage and fire outbreak in homes. Finally,  It also help to monitor the level

    of the cooking gas with the attached gauge so that you do not run out of gas

    at odd hours or in the middle of cooking to avoid embarrassment.



    * Gas regulator with  a meter

    * On/off control switch

    * Prevents shortage/overfilling on purchase

    * Helps conserve gas usage

    * Helps detects linkage

    Colour: Silver

    Main material: Metal

    Area of use: Kitchen

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