• Magic White: Skin Lightening with sun protection gold(Egyptian Milk) Body Lotion/ Cream.


    Skin lightening with sun protection Egyptian milk magic white

    gold has unparalleled efficacy and rich combination of

    selected active ingredients which lift this milk up to primary satisfactory

    level to amaze client looking for a lighter, brighter and smoother skin.

    Designed for dark skin to contrast the information or re appearance

    of skin blemishes  (dark spots). This milk also provides deep smoothness

    and moisture without leaving oily layer on the skin; so tonic an velvety.

    The skin will immediately appear more healthy and delightfully perfumed.



    Clear Dark Spots

    Fight re appearance of Dark spots.

    Lighten the Skin

    Removes age marks & sun burn patches

    Attenuate wrinkle and blemishes.

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