• Skin Doctor Stretch Mark Removal Cream Repair Body Skin Moisturizing Whitening For Pregnant Woman.


    Clinically proven and dermatologist for scars and

    stretch marks. It is also help to improve the appearance of

    uneven skin tone, dry skin and aging skin.


    Hypoallergenic non-greasy and won’t clog your poresideal for all

    skin types, even sensitive skin Easily absorbed.



    * It for scars and stretch marks

    * It help to improve appearance of new and existing scars.

    * It help to prevent the formation and improve the appearance

    of existing stretch marks formed during pregnancy, teenage

    growth spurts or periods of rapid weight gain.

    * For uneven skin tone

    with regular application, it helps to improve the appearance of

    uneven skin tone.

    This magic stretch marks cream contains numerous

    ingredient that help the skin, become softer and smoother

    thereby improving the appearance wrinkled skin



    * Vitamin A: Promotes the formation of new collagen and

    assists in skin renewal, helping to increase elasticity and

    improve skin texture and tone

    * Vitamin E: Helps maintain healthy-looking skin damage

    and premature aging.

    * Vitamin E is also a fantastic moisturizer. It improves

    smoothness and ease of application, making it readily

    absorbed by the skin. It also acts as an emollient, leaving

    the skin soft, smooth and supple.



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