• 3D Peacock Wall Clock Home Decorations


    Beautify your home with this quality Wall Clock. It can be use at

    home, office, shop, salon etc It is a quality Clock that you will love

    when you get it. It unique and beautify home, It an amazing wall clock

    with a creative body, It gives the wall the most attractive look and attention.

    It made of good quality material and the crystal on the it body are genuine.



    * It beautify the wall

    * It very attractive

    * It makes the home look beautiful

    * It can be use to decorate home, office, shop and salon etc.

    Size (L x W x H cm): 120 x 170

    Weight (kg): 1


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  • Coop Quartz Roman Numerals Black Wall Clock- B4


    This is standard quality quartz accuracy wall round clock. It is

    suitable for office and domestic use. It has an eye catching

    finishing touch to any interior. Powered by 1AA battery.



    * It requires only 1AA battery that is fixed at the back where

    the clock mechanism is located.

    * Quartz accuracy.

    * Roman numerals numbering design

    * Clean contemporary lines

    * Analogue display

    * Colour: Black


    Weight (kg): 0.76


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  • Rikon Wall Clock For Homes and Offices-Dark Brown


    Rikon basket designed wall clock are made stylish so as to

    match the current trends in technology, fashion and and design.

    The wall clock are no longer made in the traditional way to suit the

    purpose of just telling the time. The added advantage is the

    amalgamation of quality with durability and the absorption of the

    changing preferences of people into various designs that are impressive

    and which people can proudly display in their homes and office.



    * Rikon basket wall clock

    * Sophisticated look

    * Designed for home or office use

    * Long-Lasting engine

    * Easy to clean

    * Colour: Dark brown

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