Skin Tag, Mole & General wart, Foot Corn Remover 10ml

Skin Tag, Mole & General wart, Foot Corn Remover 10ml


If you surfer for warts, Embarrassing (HPV) Genital Warts,

Moles or Skin Tags? Then this is for. It is safe to use as long as the instructions are followed, the full instruction on how to use. It removers Genital Warts, Moles, Skin Tags between 1-4 days (old or stubborn growths may need more), when you apply it at least twice in a day.

It been tested scientifically and been approved to be safe and reliable for skin wart and skin tag removal product.

Before using this product, wipe clean and scrub the affected area, then open the round cover of the bottle; align the needle mouth of the bottle directly to the surface of the skin tag or wart. Use at least twice a day continuously until the wart or tags fall off, continue to use even after the wart fall until it disappear completely.

[Note] This product is for external usage only, do not apply too much; Avoid contact with normal skin and eyes. Mild burning sensation is normal depending on the nature of the skin After applying this product to moles, warts, skin-tags and genital warts you may be left with a slight pink scar in few days, this should fade and return to the normal skin colour but can take up to 3 months, and up to 6 months for dark skin. Should you pick it while it is healing it can leave a permanent scar or take longer to heal.

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